Circle of Hope


The Cancer Association of Namibia believe that psychosocial support of both the patient and family play an important role in the treatment and recovery of cancer. At our Standard Bank Circle of Hope cancer support group we equip volunteers with the necessary skills to offer support to those dealing with cancer

Through hospital visits the volunteers provides hope to those diagnosed with cancer. Training is conducted at least twice a year in Windhoek, and nationally while the association is on outreach programmes.

On Tuesday one-on-one counselling is provided in the Circle of Hope rooms, while “Huddles of Hope” by means of group sessions are conducted on Thursday afternoons at our House Acacia.

Huddles for Hope” project was initiated in 2018, and provide group therapy sessions to patients and families afflicted by cancer, on a weekly basis and are open for all cancer patients that want to engage in group support to help themselves and perhaps support others who are going through the fight currently.

Circle of Hope volunteers are also responsible to create awareness on cancer, and often speak on television and radio about cancer, while hosting information stalls at various cooperate and community events.

We may not be able to immediate assist you, but we will sure try our best to help and support you!
Please contact 061 237740 or send a mail to to get in touch with the Circle of Hope member.