Acacia House was established in 1986 with 9 beds at John Meinert Street, Windhoek West.  The exclusive purpose of this interim house was to accommodate out of town cancer patients (mainly from rural areas) undergoing treatment at the Dr AB May Cancer Treatment Centre.

Ten years later, a serious lack of space developed and Acacia House was extended to accommodate 21 beds.  Linen and towels are provided.  Today patients stay in Acacia House free of charge, allowing one companion per patient at a cost of N$50.00 per day.

Three wholesome meals are prepared daily and served to patients and companions.  Patients are transported to and from hospital daily, also free of charge.

Acacia House offers sufficient space and quiet areas for privacy, reading and meditation.  A pleasant lounge, with television, is available where patients can stay updated with current affairs or watch their favorite programs. Patients often stay in Windhoek for up to 6 consecutive weeks for their treatment, which is available in Windhoek only.  Every effort is made to create a tranquil atmosphere which conducive to healing.

The acacia tree, due to its ability to grow a new branch if an old one was injured or removed, was chosen as a symbol indicative that there is always hope after contracting cancer.

Part of our public drive includes press conferences and project launches at Acacia House, so the public and the media can be exposed to the interim home.


Staff Compliment

The entire home is managed by a matron with two assistants.  Apart from their day-to-day responsibilities, these three staff members also give emotional and moral support when and as needed.


Annual Operational Cost

The Cancer Association of Namibia cover Acacia House’s running costs by way of fundraising projects, donations and kindhearted volunteers.  The annual cost over the past financial year added up to N$350 000.00.  This includes groceries, cleaning materials, security services, City of Windhoek costs, staff salaries, fuel television, garden expenses and maintenance to the building.