Our Mission

The Cancer Association of Namibia (WO30) (CAN) in cooperation with the community, fights cancer and its consequences countrywide for the benefit of all Namibians by supporting research; health education and information; care and support services.

It is the distinct aim of CAN to educate the general public regarding the prevention, early detection and dangers of cancer. CAN renders a welfare service to all cancer sufferers according to established criteria.


In Greek Mythology Asklepios, son of Appollo who was called the divine Physician, was portrayed in Greek Sculpture with a staff ( Symbol of the wayfarer) around which are twined the sacred serpents ( symbol of wisdom and immortality).  The staff and serpents is known as the Caduceus, symbol of medicine.

However, in the Cancer Association of Namibia (WO30):

The staff became the” sword of research, education and service” while the one serpent entwined around it, was regarded as representing the disease of cancer.  The point of the sword, which points skywards, just protrudes beyond the head of the serpent.  This is symbolic of the fact that the Cancer Association believes that although the fight is going to be long and difficult, cancer will eventually be beaten.

Extraordinary Experiences

Welfare is at the core of serving cancer patients in Namibia. CAN offers its care and supportive services, not only to patients, but also to their families. The association also provides equipment in the form of hospital beds, commodes, wheelchairs, oxygen, and more on loan, free of charge to cancer patients.

Items such as colostomy bags/urostomy products, prostheses, nappies and nutritional supplementary products (Ensure, Life Gain, E-Pap) are sold at cost price to cancer patients.

The association, strictly following the criteria set by the Board of Trustees, financially assists patients without a medical aid as well as those with no/or low income.


Standard Bank Circle of Hope is a fully inclusive peer-to-peer support network that was established in 2017 to support all cancer patients and their families emotionally during the diagnosis, treatment and subsequent return to society post treatment. Pre-grieving and death counselling also forms part of the support system.  Circle of Hope  is also a breast cancer support group consisting of volunteers, all of whom were diagnosed with breast cancer and survived. Circle of Hope supports cancer patients and their families irrespective of culture, religion, race or social standing. Our mission is to diligently strive to reduce the mortality rate and combat the social stigma associated with breast cancer.

CHICA Namibia (Children Fighting Cancer in Namibia) aims to foster increased public awareness and bring knowledge of childhood cancer warning signs to the general public. Along with offering emotional and financial support to enhance the quality of life of patients and their families, CAN renders financial support when required according to established criteria.